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Precise Chicken Meal and Rice Foundation 
Dog Food

  • Precise Chicken Meal & Rice Foundation Formula is a wholesome, natural Food
  • Made with real Chicken meat protein, whole grain carbohydrates, pure Chicken fat and vitamin preservatives, it has been found to be over 90% digestible
  • Fantastic dog food.....and we have found it to be awesome for dogs that have skin issues or itching!

30 lb. Bag  - $44.00



Precise Chicken Meal and Rice Foundation 
Cat Food

Precise Naturals are completely free of chemical preservatives and by-products.  Precise is made with upscale ingredients such as chicken meal, whole grains, flaxseed, fish oil, probiotics, chelated minerals, and omega fatty acids. 

15 lb. Bag  - $35.00

Equine Products

PRO*KOLD Ice Packs
Equine ice packs

Icing made easy - 100% Reusable
Ice Packs for the legs, neck or torso.
Comes in multiple sizes.
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